‚l‚n‚k‚c (‚P‚X‚W‚R)

"MOLD" is a video collection of recollection of Tokyo today, here and now. What two young video artists found on the walls, on the doors, on the pavement, or, sous le pavee.

Sound: Sei Kazama, Starring: Hatsune Otsu



‚j‚`‚m‚m‚`‚f‚`‚q‚` (‚P‚X‚W‚S)

Starring: Hiromi Sudo (Dance)
@Sound: Ryokyu Endo




A sphere and a columnladrum that's come out of Xerox machine on a "reclamed" beach near the famed Yumenoshima(Dream Island in down town Tokyo)The sphere absorbs light and the "surroundings," while the column serenely reflects them serenely. Everything is still and quiethere , as "i = eye" take a look around...360 degrees.


SOKO (‚P‚X‚W‚U)@

"SOKO" literally means "there" and "soko" is the field where every "thing", every symbol emerges and grows. "SOKO" in our eyes is also the city Tokyo herself....her walls, her windows, her ducts....where naiads.the water nymphs,dance..... This video is an abstract collection of our "recollections"of a "concrete jungle" Following are the Chinese characters that appear in the video: ‘΄ˆ(there), ‹φ(opportune, even as in "even number"),‹•(void),D(weave, text-ile), —Μ(territory), ”­(emit,depart) , ‹C(chi, the central concept of TAO ), •Η(wall,distribute),ŠE(world, boundary), ‰˜(dirty),“s(capital, Kyoto-Tokyo-?))





‚n‚m‚d ‚s‚v‚n ‚R ‚s‚h‚l‚d‚r ‚R (‚P‚X‚W‚U)
Parformance video.@i‚Pmin‚R‚Wsecj

Sound: Toshi Matsumura

‚o‚n‚v‚d‚q ‚k‚t‚m‚b‚g (‚P‚X‚W‚U)

Sound: Toshi Matsumura

‚q‚d‚b ‚y‚n‚m‚d(‚P‚X‚W‚U)@

Today we live in an age in which we can "record" and "store" any data or information we like on floppy disk, video, etc., without effort. This is a satirical comedy on our personal identity and reason for being, which are becoming intangible.On a tropical night, a strange thing happens in an apartment room in Tokyo. When a man pushes the record button of a video recorder, many things scattered around the room are recorded on a TV monitor one after another! Though the man is pleased to have his room cleared up, when he pushes the play button all the things recorded are spit out from the monitor. After a while, viewers realize that the room, asa well as the man's existence itself, are all recorded in the "recorded zone"........This work was chosen to represent Japan under the theme "melancholy in the TV kingdom" at the International Video Magazine's Infermental 1988.

Sound: Toshi Matsumura , Starring: Takuya Masukawa


‚j‚n‚s‚n‚a‚` (‚P‚X‚W‚U)@

We feel that every letter of every language essentially embodies both an ideogram and a phonogram in itself. There is aneffulgent flood of images, pictures and sounds in a letter if you watch it closely and carefully from a certain angle....Turtle=letters, butterfly=letters, birds=letters and snail=letters sail along in the "marges" (margins) of our imaginations. Incidentally, "kotoba"(language) literally means "word leaves."



‚s‚n‚j‚x‚n@‚h‚l‚`‚f‚d@‚l‚`‚o (‚P‚X‚W‚V)@

Image of many different places of Tokyo and their own energy called "CHI" -------central concept of TAO----are caught by VTR. Through this work, the real-time and the moment on which man pick up the image into his mind are expressed toghther in each scene. And also images, both from one's atomosphere, are expressed together over each scene. This is the Tokyo image which is felt by Tokyoite.






By applying the technique of "decalcomanie" to video, prosaic pavements are transformed into flowers , windows and ...mandalas. A Window=mandala perhaps is immanent in everything we lay our eyes on in our lives; within every white noise that surrounds us, omnipresent, there is a window.

music;Shizuo Suzuki, Kenyu Nukita




Orange Alert @i1991j




Pur un Tunne; (Photogram Works)@i1992j






Hanamatsuri i1992j



Haruno Kakerai1992j



Human Lifei1993j



Marchimedia project Gallery (1995)

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