Dé sign 17-19   


  >>YOUTUBEでのダイジェスト版 DE-SIGN1718動画はこちら

>>YOUTUBEでのダイジェスト版 DE-SIGN19〜20 動画はこちら

Dé sign 17"Real World" (2006) 10min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:クリストフ・シャルル(Christophe Charles)


In this recent world, people are given the illusions that this world have minimized; nowhere to focus at (might be some delusion of visual senses though). However, these kinds of senses seem to have no connections to our aging physical senses. Minimized culture(e.g. Bonsai,Diorama) exists all around the world. However, could we not say that the recent feeling of the world minimizing is the sign of deisre to graps something in this world which everything is unstable?


















Dé sign 18"Home" (2007) 15min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:クリストフ・シャルル(Christophe Charles)


In recent years, my old HOME and school have been disappearing and are displaced by gated new buildings.Even so, the memories of my HOME continue to exist in my mind. My HOME was not a place that could be found on the web. Where is HOME for the next generation? Pressures that creep into ones live , and sublimation. HOMEs continue to be razed on daily basis.













Dé sign 19" Void Line" (2008) 12min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:クリストフ・シャルル(Christophe Charles)

Voidとは、「空白・無効」を意味する言葉で『Void Line』とは、近年我々が感じている「空白のライン」の事である。我々は去年から続く喪失感から現在も抜けられないでいる。危険と安全の間に、異常と正常の間に、消えてしまった多くの人々の跡に遺された「空白のライン」を感じながら生活を続け、様々な事が曖昧なまま、明日を向え続けている。「黄色の線の内側ならば安全なのだろうか?」などという問いかけを続けながら。

We are feeling the sense of loss we've had since last year. Between danger and safety, between normality and abnormality, we carry on our lives feeling the blank line left by those who have passed away. We continue to ask ourselves, "Is it safe as long as we stand behind the yellow line?