Dé sign 20- 記憶のマチエール シリーズ   


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Dé sign20" La Matiére de mémoire" (2009) 19min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:クリストフ・シャルル(Christophe Charles) 出演:須藤充子(Mitsuko Sudo)


"Matiére" refers to things like the smoothness or roughness of the materials chosen for a work and the texture that results from how these materials are used, or in the case of a piece of visual art materials used and their effect on the appearance of the finished work. The number of survivors have fade with time, but within this "Matiére of memories " countless other voices can still be heard.














Dé sign 21"La Matiére de mémoire #2" (2010) 11min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:クリストフ・シャルル(Christophe Charles) ,出演:脇田八重(Yae Wakita)、園房枝(Fusae Sono)、朝倉摂(Setsu Asakura),Trancerate: Makoto Hirayama


Three women who have spent their lives as performers look back over more than half century and speak about their wartime experiences which have remained sealed away until now. The words which emerge from the undercurrents of their recollections give courage to those of us living today.

















Dé sign 22"La Matiére de mémoire #3" (2011) 17min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:クリストフ・シャルル(Christophe Charles) ,出演:信太正好(Masayoshi Shida)、林口春次(Haruji Hayashiguchi)、黒田オサム(Osamu Kuroda)


This time, we asked three men coming from completely different backgrounds to talk about their we experiences. Those three men are Hayashiguchi Haruji (a psychiatric counselor), Shida Masayoshi(a ex-captain of the Japan Arm,y), and Kuroda Osamu (a Performer) . Their sealed memories of war are opened afresh. What will see from the differences of the three matieres des mémoires?
















Dé sign 23"La Matiére de mémoire #4" (2012) 25min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:風間 正 (Sei Kazama) ,出演:野見山暁治(Gyoji Nomiyama)


This time we asked the painter, Gyoji Nomiyama to talk about matiere, or texture, and also about his experience of how war creeps up on us and affects our daily lives. Last June Nomiyama visited Tohoku after the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake. As he collects stories and studies the landscape it brought back for him the horror of war. This is not from the past and he is almost certain it will happen again. 


















Dé sign 24 "La Matiére de mémoire #5" (2013) 18min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:風間 正(Sei Kazama) ,出演:佐野ぬい(Nui Sano)


This time, we asked painter Nui Sano, a native of Tsugaru, about her memories of the war and the connection between memory and matiére. Ms. Sano, who was a child during the war, recalled that world that had been full of color "faded into a monochromatic world during wartime." She says that wwhile she does not think that the future will be a better time, she goes to her atelier every day believing that today she will be able to paint a better picture than yesterday.











Dé sign 25 "La Matiére de mémoire #6" (2014) 18min/colour/VTR

映像:VISUAL BRAINS , サウンド:風間 正(Sei Kazama) ,出演:折原甘三(Kanzo Orihara)


This year we made the sixth part. In this work we listened to the story of Mr. Orihara, a former second lieutenant in the navy. We met him because he is the father of a friend of our younger brother. Mr. Orihara's role involved providing mission support using an oscilloscope at a combat, being on duty with no sleep or rest, the atomic bombs falling on Hiroshima and Nagasaki....After 69 years, he talks about his wartime memories for the first time.